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i wish i could still slip into the autumn shade...i could sleep for days

28 Days was a very engaging movie, freaky, but it has a pleasant ending and all and its filmed in London and England all with british accents..reminds me of bein' there again...altho I wouldn't want to be there if something like what had happened in the movie occurred :b...and it has a *brilliant* soundtrack...(esp. the Grandaddy song they slipped in there). I gotta look that up before i forget to...but yeah, I highly reccomend...anywho, I'm busy here, finished 2 exams...have three to of those in like 18 min. and its the one I'm most prepared to take! whoohoo! :D

Uck my dad just called and informed me of his being an hour later than originally planned...instead of 7 he will now be arriving at 8. That's a full three hours after they close our hall. I will be waiting in below freezing with nothing to do but curl up on top of my bin and other crap I guess and wait. Hopefully there won't be any dying involved so I'm okay with it. I don't know if I can trust leaving stuff out on the landing in front tho but i'll try it out...there's no where else to place everything b/c snow covers everywhere...deeep snow too...its purdy :D but if I can trust leaving the stuff there I could prob hang out in the HUB for some time

Uck I need to purchase gifts for people...I think I'll handmake the cards again too since I have time on my hands and I would like to put my creative energies to good use. That's prolly what I'll be doing, anywho, I'm gonna get ready...eleven min....see ya!!
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