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revisiting a new place

Odd dream last night:

I dreamt that I was visiting BMHS after they had changed everything inside dramatically. I wandered in there in my solitude while classes were in session, treaded firstly into the music/art hall. The new BMHS had carpet put down in the hallways, a velvety soft carpeting which was of a dark colour. The old painted murals on walls were painted over, painted over a new whitish green/blue/pink i dont remember colour but it kinda upset me to see this. The entrance the to the caffie was in a different place, and the caffie itself was even remodeled and had nice carpeting and brilliant new tables, more spaced out and seemed much less crowded and even smelled better (not that I could actually smell anything in the dream but i had a thought of the way it couldve smelled). The door at the end of the old art hallway was no longer an exit. I walked up to Tate's room which no longer had a window in the door to peek on in. He also had his name on a new sign just like the other rooms. I got really intimidated reaching out for the door knob and hovering by the new entrance that I just couldn't find the will to enter. I turned back around and headed to the other caffie entrance, this too was no longer a legitimate caffie enterance and had been turned into another storage room or something else I donno what was beyond the door. I chose to exit the building through the back door. Somehow I wound up following a group of students into the gym that looked the same as it had before pretty much. Some activity was taking place here and I joined in feeling as part of the student body again. Here I bumped into Zeneida who was happy to see me again and we both felt like we blended in perfectly. It shocked me to find her here the very same day I chose to visit and how she snuck into the class too. It was more shocking how the teacher didn't realize that we didn't belong here and that we were graduates that shouldn't be allowed to re-enter the school. I headed on back to the front entrance, looked at my watch and noticed that it wouldn't be another hour until I got to see Ben outside during the third lunch. The first lunch was in session now. I went out the front doors, walked into Jasmin who was w/ some other person and Teresa. They didn't recognize me and I didn't let them, I just kept walking. I walked out to the end of the platform to where there now were stairs that led into that door that's at the edge of the platform. I bump into Mike Riith who's sitting next to, or under, some person that I don't know. I let him know that I was Kyle, told him I hadn't seen him online at all really, he answered back...i don't remember what he said...As I walked back into the school he mumbled something I couldn't pick up on. I wound up in the part of the school that was originally what would be seen if you enter in the far entrance. The stairs were still under construction, these new spiraling wooden stairs that led up to the second floor. It was weird, they didn't seem nearly as wide as they should be. I attempted to climb them and then realized I was making a mistake, that these stairs hadn't been finished yet. So I jumped back dorwn and the pieces of wood began to tumble over and fall in every direction. I anxiously picked up and held the peices together to prevent the collapsing of the brand new staircase that it seemed someone had spent a long while dillegently working on. I walked further down this hall and as I walked away from the stair case that looked like it could just hold in place the part I had climbed just dropped down and fell into a pile on the ground. Some people caught notice but didn't say anything. I walked further down and, again, came across more carpeted floor. The hallway narrowed and all sorts of openings to different rooms that weren't class rooms appeared on my right, where the gym should be but obviously wasn't. At the end of the hall I walked right into this lounge sorta place with a nice couch and a nice TV, magazines in piles on tables and video game systems. I turned left and deeper into the room there was a bed! with pink sheets and the area was dimly lit. I couldn't understand why they had this new student center in a high school for its only a high school not a college or anything...?? and even weirder a bed!...I felt wrong to be in this room so I turned to walk out. On my way out there was now someone sitting on the couch. I approached him and asked him what the room was for and he told me its off limits to non-bmhs students that its the new student center and I was like okay I better get out of here then. He mentioned before I escaped that he'd recognized me, he said "hey weren't you, two years ago, in that play?...that crystal winter play of whatever where you were wearing that long gown and all" and I'm like "yeah that was me...I think I remember seeing you in the auidience in that was a long while ago". I thought to myself after this that it hadn't only been two years but four years back in my history but I didn't say anything more and just walked out. On my way out I wake up...
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