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Just thought this was interesting, for I was about to go drive last night without liscence myself :P...also my dad, Scorpio, is an excellent driver, on the other hand my step-dad, Virgo is not and this article really sticks out that fact. I always know to buckle up w/ step-father but with dad I feel entirely and completely safe and rarely buckle up, as he never does :)

Data from a British insurance company

We were about to abandon this approach when we learned from an inconspicuous report by the German Press Agency that a British-based accident and insurance management company called VELO had no such misgivings and had produced statistics on this subject. The British insurers had data on around 25,000 claims made in 1996, including the dates of birth of the drivers involved, and they were willing to make the data material available to us.

When it came to traffic accidents we could see immediately there were obvious deviations between actual values and mathematical expectations.

First of all, the data provided did not include the dates of birth and the star signs to which they relate. Rather, the insurance statisticians from VELO had carried out their own percentage calculations and willingly gave us the results of their tests. We had absolutely no reason to doubt the thoroughness and accuracy of the evaluations made by a large British insurance company.

When it came to traffic accidents, we could see immediately that there were obvious deviations between actual values and mathematical expectations.

Could these figures still just be mere coincidence? Or can we conclude with some certainty that Scorpios are the best and Taureans the lousiest drivers?

The result: the distribution of star signs involved in accidents differed significantly from their distribution within the population of the study. The resulting odds were less than 1 in 1000, indicating that the deviations could scarcely be attributed to pure chance.

Having worked out the mathematical expectations, the separate analyses produced the following conclusions:

People born under the signs of Taurus and Virgo were significantly more often involved in traffic accidents than other star signs.

Conversely, Leos and Scorpios had sign)ficantly fewer accidents.

The exact values for the distribution of the individual star signs among those involved in traffic accidents and their distribution in population can be seen in the table on page 168.

TABLE 1 (click):
Who drives how?

GRAFIC (click):
Deviation of actual accidents from expected accidents in per cent

VELO also recorded the average cost per claim. Using this data, we were able to break down the claimants by star sign. Since we had neither mathematical expectations nor relative claim figures to hand, we shall do no more than show the actual amounts of the claims. Nevertheless, we can assume that the cost of the claim indicates the seriousness of the damage, which leads us to some interesting conclusions:

British Taureans and Virgos are not only involved in above-average numbers of traffic accidents, the damage they cause is also unusually serious.

According to these figures, Leos and Scorpios appear to be the best drivers, the latter putting in significantly lower damage claims.

TABLE 2 (click):
Who drives how?

Data from the Swiss Crime Statistics

In the previous chapter we looked at the correlation between star signs and criminal offences, basing our study on the Swiss Crime Statistics. Included in the investigation were three motoring offences:

Driving without licence
Car theft

Car theft refers to an incident where someone steals a car, takes it for a long or short spin and then abandons it somewhere.

Let us take another brief look at the results described in chapter 9, relating to car crime:

We found altogether four significant deviations from the mathematical expectation:

The following star signs were convicted more frequently than average of one of the aforementioned offences:

Sagittarius - Car theft (significant)

Pisces - Driving without licence and hit-and-run (each slightly significant)

Fewer Librans than might have been expected were convicted of driving without licence (slightly significant)

According to the insurance company's statistics, Sagittarians had a less than average likelihood of being involved in traffic accidents and their damage claims were exceptionally low. So it is surprising to find that they are over-represented in the car crime figures. Even so, this is not necessarily a contradiction, since driving without a licence or joy-riding in a stolen vehicle does not automatically lead to accidents

Comparison of the tables also reveals that:

The largest percentage of car drivers are Virgos, but people born under this sign are the least likely to have expert knowledge of cars.

Scorpios very frequently drive more than 20,000 kilometres per year, while Sagittarians are significantly more likely to drive less than 10,000 kilometres annually.

Drivers born under Capricorn prefer vehicles with high horse-power engines.

Apart from significant deviations, the tables also show some remarkable and entertaining peculiarities. For example:

Virgos and Scorpios are the most environmentally conscious, while Aquarians are not too bothered about protecting the environment;

There are above-average numbers of Sagittarians driving Mercedes, Libras driving BMWs, Scorpios driving Fords, Leos driving Audis and Pisceans behind the wheel of a VW or an Opel;

After Leo, Taurus is the star sign of the largest number of lorry drivers, but Taureans account for the lowest proportion of car drivers.
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