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Building NOTHING out of SOMETHING yay

I would like to have some of my brain removed...well those stores of personal memories created over the past year. That would be sweet, yes it would. Oh yes, that new Jim Carrey movie just made me think of that. And damn I'd pay anything to have that done, seriously. But doing that wouldn't change any of the past though, no no no....damn that sucks...Memories, as I understand it, are located in the frontal lobe. So if go in there extract some part of it you disrupt many of the other processes that occur 'all up in that peice' lol... the wrong thing move could totally switch around certain motor behaviors, for it is where our Motor Cortex is located (all of our voluntary movements initiated there) or motivations or the emotional center, where the personality of an individual is found, the center where we plan things, motivations, behaviors, blah blah...well basically all of that good stuff that helps us to connect with one another and connect with ourselves.

Back in the 1940's and 50's actually certain doctors had performed a process called "Frontal Labotomy" on certain patients. This process was used to treat extreme emotional problems in those who really felt they needed the treatment. Reports found that only somewhere around 35% of those individuals with the severe emotional problems saw them diperse and clear up. The short-term effects were good as a result but of course it did not get better with age with most of the cases. Most of those who had the procedure performed on them often became more violent or showed no improvement at all. Some that improved socially/emotionally were left with serious probs in other areas-ie they found it difficult to make and carry out plans, adjusting to new social demands or behaving with appropriate emotional responses in social situations.

In my opinion much of the positive changes could be due to those people's placebos, yes ANOTHER psychology related deffinition!!! wahhhhh! lol The placebo is when a patient either takes medication, recieves an injection or undergoes an operation and they anticipate it having a certain effect on them, and this expectation leads them to actually come across that change in them just because they've expected to me the Frontal Labotomies sounds like a placebo...the doctor came up with this treatment and predicted the outcomes, told the patients what the could expect and those expectations lead them to getting the expected results out of the treatment. Yeah. I really think that was silly of them to do. The certainly learned that carelfull follow-up work is essentail before declaring a treatment successfull (those dummies of their times!!) haha and that the frontal lobe has many different and important functions...not only the center of emotions. lol...Well that's how we ever learn things as a race, we experience and learn from mistakes of the past lol.....

So yes, back to me having a procedure done to clear out the memory. Yes, that sounds absurd now to think of it. Why the hell would I let myself do that to me. I mean its kinda sweet having memories like those and then seeing how it all ended and knowing that in the future I can sit with my next boyfriend and tell him all about the previous one so that they can avoid making such awful mistakes like his. I actually got to talk with this dude in my psychology class today oh man he is hotstuff...:) Lives in Greenwhich, so its not like it'll take decades to see the dude lol I woner if we will talk more again. I hope to, I really really do :) Oh man. Damn what am I doing, rambling on like a silly little teenage girl...heck. I'll stop and relieve you guys now :) RAR oh yes! I wanted to mention his name too because its not so common anymore...Oliver...Revilo hrmmm....I kinda like it backwards better lol......yay alright, peace out doods

-the kewty kyekyekye
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