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GODDDD THIS ASS COMPUTER!!! I typed up my entry and it never went thru cause the ads closed my browser, anywho, as I was saying, i drove with Carl 3 HOURS TOTAL tonight! yay i feel so accomplished for finally doin that....

and I actually got to zip onto the highway for the first time now i feel at any time i can go right back on there on my own....of course not with mom cause she freakin' pisses me off for thinking i'm going to crash up the car or leave the slightest dent on Jordan's volvo. It fucking sucks lol

Anywho, yeah, so we drove a *mad* long hour in afternoon, w/ The Plan, Fugazi and Portishead as our soundtrack to the ride :)...then chilled at his house, watchin' tv, talkin' , then went out again, bought subway, came bac, went to the computer of his to check into concerts to go see...q and not u is playin in march, veryyyy close by too...i'm so anxious to see them, i so am hyped up for that lol...get up kids is an option too...but not too many others that i looked up....ah well..we missed les savy fav, craig saw that, well its all good.

So yeah, drank a lil tequila *oops* shouldn't have said, ah well...its nice to loosen up the inhibitions and tensions sometimes....let those alcohol neurotransmitters fit into the GABA locks on the neuron receptors :) (just a lil psychology lol) Yes it really helps though, a little bit makes so much of a difference and can actually even cause you to avoid having car accidents...I'm talking a few sips here and there, not your normal college kid binge does...or slightly lower would get someone killed because at that point you are too relaxed with driving...but I mean with a little bit just to loosen up relieves your brain, puts it in a positive mood where you can relax to be just enough alert of all situations...I drove around that way, indeed, Carl trusted me, I trusted myself...and I ended up driving perfectly good :) I'm sooo accomplished-feeling now lol Yeah, two more hours of night drivin'! whooohooo!

Oh yes. I may go into NYC w/ mom tomorrow to check out art museums...hrmmm....i wish i could bring someone and split and let mom go her own way afterwards lol....nah i have school the next day of course, gotta come home, do a little typin' and studying, yes....rah okay...

Anywho, yeah I gotta get to bed soon....damn
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